Launch a Solarize Campaign

Solarize campaigns create a group purchasing and community outreach program in order to accelerate demand and reduce individual costs for solar installations in a community.

A solarize campaign typically:

  • Provides a limited time offer with tiered pricing structures that customers can take advantage of, lowering customer acquisition costs.
  • Helps installers reduce their lead times which lowers the cost for local residents.
  • Provides information and pre-qualified installers to customers who otherwise may be hesitant or unaware of options and next steps.
  • Increases awareness of solar energy and financing options, helping to build sustained growth of the local solar market.

Engage Homeowners Associations

Homeowners associations often include stricter aesthetic and architectural restrictions and requirements that, sometimes, prohibit residents from installing solar systems on their properties. Several homeowners associations across the United States have developed architectural guidelines to allow for solar installations while preserving the aesthetic character and causing minimal inconvenience for neighbors. Homeowners associations should be engaged and encouraged to develop solar friendly policies.

Key components of solar friendly homeowners association guidelines include:

  • Any orientation requirements for solar installations.
  • An outline of any aesthetic restrictions.
  • Procedures and instructions for solar system evaluation and approval.